[Office-of-research] FY2008-09 C&G User Group Meetings

Steve Wilson steve.wilson at ucr.edu
Fri Sep 19 17:06:16 PDT 2008

Good afternoon,

The monthly Contract and Grant User Group meetings will resume in

The meetings will be held the second Tuesday of each month beginning at
1:30pm lasting for 2 hours through May 2009.

The meetings will be held in HMNSS 1500, Humanities 1500 as referred to
by some.  Please note that the location has changed from last year.


The standing agenda for the meetings is; eCAF updates, Central Office
updates, User Group requested topics and a general User Group session.
Please submit topics that you would like to be discussed to either
Sharon Shanahan at sharon.shanahan at ucr.edu or myself at
steve.wilson at ucr.edu.


Also please advise new C&G analysts to subscribe to the Office of
Research listserv be following the instructions at Listserv Home Page
<http://lists.ucr.edu/mailman/listinfo/office-of-research> .  Please
recall also that prior user group meeting minutes as posted on OR's web
site under the Sponsored Programs tab C&G Users Group section,


See you all on Tuesday, October 14 in Humanities 1500.



Steve Wilson

Accounting Services Director



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