[Office-of-research] Notice to PAMIS Users

Steve Wilson steve.wilson at ucr.edu
Fri Sep 26 17:10:12 PDT 2008

Please be advised that the PAMIS budget worksheet as been revised to
include budget category BC28-Staff Sal Non-Perm Funding.  Please refer
to the attached PAMIS Budget Worksheet.  Accounts 504110 - Staff
Non-Perm Fnding-Career, 504120 - Staff Non-Perm Fnding-Casual R, 504130
- Staff Non-Perm Funding-Limited and 504140 - Staff Non-Perm Fnding
Contract roll up to BC28. Please refer to the Golden Tree for account


BC28 is to be used to allocate funding provided for staff personnel
categories funded from contract and grant sources given the
non-permanent nature of such funding source.


The BC25 category will be removed from the PAMIS Budget worksheet on or
before June 30, 2009.  You are requested to begin transitioning now in
the thought process given in proposal development, allocation of the
award and in PPS appointments and FAUs assigned.



Steve Wilson





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