[Office-of-research] NIH eRA System to be Down on August 7

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The following message announces a planned down time for the NIH eRA system
(including eRA Commons and eSubmission) and provides details regarding what
new features and fixes will be implemented during this down time.




From: ESubmission Update to Organization Officials
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Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 7:47 AM
Subject: eRA Service Advisory: Upcoming features and fixes for the eRA
Commons & eSubmission services; Aug. 7 downtime at 7 pm ET

eRA Service Advisory: Scheduled Downtime for Commons, eSubmission on Thu,
Aug. 7 at 7 p.m. ET 

August 4, 2008


The eRA system (including eRA Commons and eSubmission), will be unavailable
from 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Thursday, August 7 until before business
commences on Friday, August 8 for the deployment of our latest new features
and fixes (as noted below). 


All eRA services will be affected by the downtime. If you have questions,
please contact the eRA Commons Help Desk: 


eRA Commons Help Desk 
Web: http://ithelpdesk.nih.gov/eRA/ (Preferred method of contact)
Toll-free: 1-866-504-9552
Phone: 301-402-7469
TTY: 301-451-5939
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time



New features and fixes for eRA Commons & eSubmission 

 New Features & Fixes for eSubmission

*	Added validations for Career Development awards (Ks) in preparation
for its 2009 transition to electronic submission. 
*	Fixed 'Prior application not awarded' message being erroneously
given on Phase II Small Business (SBIR/STTR) application even when the prior
application was awarded. 

New Features and Fixes for eRA Commons


This release brings eSNAP up-to-date with the latest revision of the PHS
2590 forms and incorporates new data items required for the Federal
Financial Assistance Transparency Act (see Guide Notice NOT-OD-08-030,
Personal and institutional profile changes were made to address Public 

Access and other policy requirements, as well.


eRA Commons Personal Profile - Publications

*	Display Citation source of 'PD/PI Entered' for manual entries 
*	Reflect either NIHMS (for NIH Manuscript System) or PubMed Central,
with their corresponding Citation IDs, for entries automatically pulled from
*	Changed 'View PUB Article' link to 'View in PMC' and changed 'View
Manuscript' to 'View in NIHMS' 
*	Updated screen notes to reflect Public Access policy 

eRA Commons Institutional Profile

*	Added two assurances - 'ClinicalTrials.gov Requirement' and 'Impact
of Grant Activities on the Environment and Historic Properties' 

*	Renamed 'Delinquent Debt Assurance' as 'Non-Delinquency on Federal
Debt Assurance' 

General eSNAP changes

*	Updated new Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval numbers &
*	Implemented new terminology throughout the eSNAP screens: 



 Principal Investigator

 Program Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI)

 Key Personnel

 Senior/key Personnel

 Performance site

 Project/performance site

*	Corrected eSNAP initiation issues for multiple Principal
Investigator grant applications 

eSNAP - Upload Science

*	Mirrored changes made to Personal Profile - Publications 

eSNAP - Edit Business - Project/Performance site

*	Redesigned the screen 

*	Provided the ability to enter DUNS number for all
Project/Performance sites; DUNS field accepts 9 or 13 digits to accommodate
DUNS or DUNS+4 designation 
*	Added a check box to designate the primary Project/Performance site.

*	Relocated the Country drop-down to the top of the screen. The data
provided for Country determines the remaining fields that are required to be
filled out (e.g. Filling out State is only required if you select United
States as country) 
*	Created separate fields for State and Province 
*	Disabled the third and fourth lines of address field. These
read-only fields remain on the screen, but will not appear in the generated
Progress or eSNAP report nor will they show on the list  of
Project/Performance sites at the bottom of the screen 
*	Added a field for Congressional District. The field text is
hyperlinked and links to

eSNAP - Edit Business - Senior/Key Personnel

*	Removed the Date of Birth field 
*	Corrected effort reporting checks 

eSNAP - Edit Business - Research Subject

*	Removed the full IRB Review question (yes/no radio button) 

eSNAP & Progress Reports 

*	Reflected changes made throughout the Commons screens 


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Division of Communications and Outreach

NIH Office of Extramural Research

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