[Office-of-research] Clarification Regarding APB Message Related to Planning Employee Benefit Percentage

Bruce Morgan bruce.morgan at ucr.edu
Tue Jun 5 07:38:20 PDT 2007

Some of you may have received a May 23 email from Academic Planning and
Budget (AP&B) entitled, "Planning Employee Benefit Percentage" (see below).
I have confirmed with Matt Hull in AP&B that the benefit rates disseminated
by the e-mail are not applicable to contract and grant funds.  These rates
are only applicable to funds 19900, 19924 and 20000 as only these funds were
considered in developing these fringe benefit rates.


Matt Hull and I will be representing the campus at a system-wide meeting
that is being planned for September 2008 that will look at the development
of composite fringe benefit rates for each campus.  Once new information
about fringe benefit rates applicable to contract and grant funds becomes
available to the campus, the Office of Research will disseminate the
information through our listserv.


Bruce Morgan

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research


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Subject: Planning Employee Benefit Percentage
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 15:23:08 -0700
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Dear FOG Members and CFAOs,

        We have updated our employee benefits cost analysis for positions
funded by general Funds and Reg Fees, and as a result are adding additional
salary ranges to more accurately reflect differing EB rates (the old ranges
of $1-$49,999 and $50,000- just no longer work), and are increasing related
EB percentages to be more reflective of actual costs.  Please see the
attached table for more detail.

        Please use the rates contained on the attached table when submitting
requests for funding when the individual is not know.  In the case where the
actual EB rate is know, please use that figure.

        We will update all allocations coming out of this years Planning and
Budget Process to reflect these new EB rates.

        Please let me know if you have any questions.


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