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Research Administrators
Informative Noontime Collaboration
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Collaborate ~ Communicate ~ Connect

Welcome back!  Please join Research Administrators INC on Monday, September 13th at Noon as we continue this academic year to walk through the life cycle of an award series, beginning with Part 1 of a 2-part series on
Award Monitoring / Award Management.  (Please note that each part is 2 hours in length.)

These two sessions will: (i) focus on award management strategies and techniques for both the central and departmental research administrators tasked with financial oversight of sponsored awards; (ii) focus on what to look for during award initiation and award closeout; and (iii) discuss strategies for how the research administrator can best support the PI during the period of performance to maximize award spending, while effectively managing risk. Furthermore, in this 2-part session will review some perennial hot topics such as cost transfers, subaward monitoring, cost sharing, and effective and efficient award closeouts.
Learning objectives:

  *   Participants will learn techniques for identifying higher risk awards and transactions and what documentation to put in place to support these costs (or when to transfer them off of the award) as well as an awareness of when to ask more questions.
  *   Participants will also be introduced to proactive award management strategies that, if applied during the life of the award, will support an efficient and timely closeout.

To receive the ZOOM link to this meeting, please register here<https://redit.ucr.edu/OrApps/Org/OrgEvents/Default.aspx?g=inc>
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Note:  RA-INC will be going through this entire Life Cycle of the Award Series together;  however, those wishing to view the series at their own pace,
or those wishing to jump to a particular topic of interest, are able to do so now at their convenience via the new SPA training portal
located at https://research.ucr.edu/spa/training.
(A UCR NetID is required.)

REQUEST FOR EXCEPTION TO POLICY REGARDING PI ELIGIBILITY[1,825 Updated Stock Illustrations, Cliparts and Royalty Free Updated Vectors] - *** Updated form***

In light of the heightened scrutiny being placed on affiliations and disclosures by Federal agencies, the office of Research and Economic Development is revisiting various campus forms, including the Request for Exception to Policy Regarding PI Eligibility form (which has now been updated and posted on the SPA website<https://research.ucr.edu/document/spapieligibilitydoc>).

Please be advised that as of September 1, 2021, use of the outdated form will no longer be accepted.

Anyone who wishes to serve as Principal Investigator, UCR Co-Principal Investigator, UC Co-Principal Investigator or Non-UCR Co-Principal Investigator (as defined in UCR Research Policy 527-003), but does not meet the eligibility criteria described on the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) website here<https://research.ucr.edu/spa/lifecycle/proposalpreparation/pi-eligibility> and as set forth in Policy 527-003, should complete the revised "Request for Exception to Policy Regarding PI Eligibility<https://research.ucr.edu/document/spapieligibilitydoc>" form and then have their department's SAA submit it to the Research and Economic Development Office via the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) along with a copy of the applicant's biosketch in a single combined pdf.

Please visit https://research.ucr.edu/spa/lifecycle/proposalpreparation/pi-eligibility for further information.

Questions may be addressed to cynthia.wells at ucr.edu<mailto:cynthia.wells at ucr.edu>.

*  *  *


Please be advise that the Graduate Student Fees and Tuition Remission page<https://registrar.ucr.edu/tuition-fees/quarterly-fees#graduate_students> on the Office of the Registrar's website for the 2021/22 Academic Year has now been posted and, as such, the SPA website located at https://research.ucr.edu/spa/lifecycle/proposalpreparation/tuition has been updated for providing assistance during the proposal submission process in determining remission eligibility criteria.



In March 2021, the Office of Research & Economic Development (RED) and Business & Financial Services (BFS) announced a new resource available to the campus community called the UCR Contracting Guide<https://bfs.ucr.edu/sites/g/files/rcwecm751/files/2021-03/UCR_Contracting_Guide.pdf>.
The guide is designed to assist campus personnel (i.e. administrators, staff, faculty, and researchers) understand the general process of creating, managing, and terminating legally binding contracts.
This guide is modeled after the UC Berkeley Guide to Contracting (2015) with updates specific to the UC Riverside's contracting environment.  The guide includes important information about the campus offices with the delegated authority
to develop and execute such agreements on behalf of The Regents of the University of California (aka "contracting offices").  Please take a few minutes to review the material for future references.

The goal of the guide is to provide a helpful resource to ensure campus agreements are properly executed, include protections for everyone involved in the agreement, and are signed by the proper authority.  (A helpful decision tree is located in
Appendix D of the guide.)

Please ensure to incorporate this guide into your unit's standard operating procedures and share this information with the appropriate individuals in your unit.
General questions about the guide can be directed to buscon at ucr.edu<mailto:buscon at ucr.edu>

How To Subscribe to this Research List-Serv

Do you know of someone in your department who is not currently registered to receive newsletters (such as this one) from the Research list-serv, but would like to be?  If so, please forward their name and email to cynthia.wells at ucr.edu<mailto:cynthia.wells at ucr.edu>.

Calendar[Free September Calendar Cliparts, Download Free September Calendar Cliparts  png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library]
Monday, September 6th
UCR will be closed on Monday, September 6th in observance of Labor Day.

Saturday, September 25th
National Research Administrators Day

National Research Administration Day is observed annually on September 25th to recognize the contributions made by research administrators every day.  Research administrators serve an important role in supporting research (e.g., they assist the faculty and researchers, protect the institution, and assure sound stewardship of sponsored research dollars).

If you are a UCR research administrator, please know that your hard work and the achievements that you have accomplished are to be commended.  Well done!
Happy Research Administrators Day!

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