[Office-of-research] Annual Reminder of Drug-Free Workplace Act Reporting Responsibilities

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Wed Jul 18 08:43:08 PDT 2007

To comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (the Act), UCR is required to disseminate information on an annual basis regarding certain responsibilities under the Act.  

UCR has many responsibilities under the Act, including an obligation to report a conviction for any violation of criminal drug statutes in the workplace by any employee engaged in the performance of work under a federal contract or grant.  It is important to note that an individual may be committing time and effort while performing work under a federal contract or grant even though their salary may be charged to other funding sources (e.g., faculty salaries during the academic year, graduate students on a fellowship, etc.).

To comply with the Act, UCR must report violations to the appropriate funding agency within ten calendar days after receiving notice from an employee of a conviction for a violation of any drug statute occurring in the workplace, including while traveling or on other University business within and outside the Untied States of America.  Campus Policy Number 650-83 Substance Abuse in the Workplace, Section D, (http://vca.ucr.edu/index.php?content=policies/viewPolicies.php&policy=650-83) describes the procedure for reporting convictions.

Questions regarding the Drug-Free Workplace Act or Campus Policy 650-83 may be directed to the Staff Human Resource Office for staff employees and the Office of the Vice Provost – Academic Personnel for academic employees.

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