[Office-of-research] Nov 14, 2006 C&G User Group

Steve Wilson steve.wilson at ucr.edu
Mon Nov 13 15:09:24 PST 2006

The November Contract and Grants User Group meeting will be held
tomorrow Tuesday, November 14, 2006 from 1:30-3:30pm in Bourns A-265.


Please forward desired issues/topics for future user group meetings to
sharon.shanahan at ucr.edu or steve.wilson at ucr.edu. 


Preliminary Meeting Agenda



1. Follow-up Questions from 10/14/2006 meeting

2. Office of Research/Financial Services Updates

3. Demonstration of Office of Research web portal; obtaining current &
pending support, web portal query tool more user-friendly


3:00-3:30 - C&G User Group Best Practice Discussion


Future agenda items:

2/14/2006 - ERS demonstration - tentatively scheduled for Dec 12, 2006

4/11/2006 - Revised accounting practice for multi-UC campus awards;
utilize new BC/contra BC to present award info.

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