[Office-of-research] NIH Regional Seminar

Jane Schultz jane.schultz at ucr.edu
Thu Jan 19 10:18:18 PST 2006

If you have not heard yet, UCR will be hosting the NIH Regional Seminar on
May 31-June 2.


This seminar is intended to help de-mystify the application and review
process, clarify Federal regulations and policies, and highlight current
areas of special interest or concern. The seminar serves the NIH mission of
providing education and training for the next generation of biomedical and
behavioral scientists. NIH policy, grants management, review and program
staff provide a broad array of expertise and encourage personal interaction
between themselves and seminar participants.


Registration for the Seminar will be open for UCR Staff and Faculty on April
1 2006 or you can complete the full application by accessing the events web




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