Fwd: Please sign up to meet Prof. Kwabena Bediako from UC Berkeley (via Zoom)

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Hi All,
I highly recommend attending Kwabena Bediako's talk next Monday at 4pm. He is definitely a rising star in materials chemistry and I'm sure it will be a great talk.


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> Dear Colleagues,
> Next Monday our PChem speaker will be Prof. Kwabena Bediako from UC Berkeley (www.bediakolab.org <http://www.bediakolab.org/>). He planned to visit us in person but had to switch to Zoom due to a time conflict in teaching.
> Seminar: Chemistry with a twist: Physics and chemistry at the interfaces of moiré superlattices.
> Professor Kwabena Bediako
> Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
> Monday, October 18, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
> https://ucr.zoom.us/j/180482507?pwd=MHp2MkI3NTkvU01rN2VzeDNYa3ZFQT09 <https://ucr.zoom.us/j/180482507?pwd=MHp2MkI3NTkvU01rN2VzeDNYa3ZFQT09>
> Meeting ID: 180 482 507
> Passcode: 031493
> Best regards,
> Yadong

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