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Hi All,
If any of you are interested in auditing Richard's class on NMR interpretation, I think it'd be a good idea. You wouldn't have to do any homework/tests if you are auditing, and you would learn a lot more about NMR that you could then apply to your research. You could presumably stop showing up if you got busy with other stuff. 

Anyway, if you are interested in auditing, let me know and I'll tell Richard. If not, it's fine too.

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> Tim/Kevin,
> Do any of your 2nd years want to audit the NMR class, as they missed it last year when I didn't teach? It should hopefully be useful for all your students if they haven't taken a grad NMR class before.
> If they want to audit it rather than take it for grade, let me know and I'll add them to iLearn.
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