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Please upload your vaccine info if you havent already.

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Dear Campus Community,

Today, I am writing to announce two important pieces of information.

1. A new UC vaccination policy
<https://policy.ucop.edu/doc/5000695/SARS-Cov-2> has gone into effect.

2. *All UC Riverside employees and students must upload a vaccination
record* *by Monday, August 16*.

As of last week, more than 330 million doses of vaccine had been
administered and 158.6 million individuals were fully vaccinated in the
United States. In recent months, COVID-19 cases have been declining in
areas where vaccination rates are high. New cases are spiking in areas
where vaccination rates are low. Public health officials across the country
consistently say the same thing: nearly all coronavirus-related deaths are
now occurring in unvaccinated people.

For five months, we have been encouraging our campus community to get
vaccinated in advance of policy change and in the interest of individual
and collective health and safety. We have also provided ample time to
submit proof of vaccination. Below you will find more details about
submitting your record.

*Submit Your Record by Monday, August 16*

Immunization records are housed in the HIPAA-secure Epic system. If you
have received your vaccination but have not yet submitted your
information, *please
complete the* COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking Form
<https://ucriverside.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d4heACqMVngXcua> *by
Monday, August 16*.

We have begun reviewing compliance by department and will provide regular
updates to campus leadership for further examination as we approach the
August 16 deadline.

The vaccination policy includes a narrow range of exceptions for individual
medical reasons or religious beliefs. More information will be forthcoming for
employees seeking an exemption on medical, disability, or religious
grounds; or deferral (based on pregnancy).

Several times I have made the point in campus communications that we
understand that not all employees can receive vaccination. This makes it
even more crucial that all of us who can be vaccinated are vaccinated.

*Face Coverings*

Anyone who has not yet submitted proof of vaccination must continue wearing
face coverings when on university property. Many employees have already
received clearance to be on campus without face coverings because they
submitted their vaccine record. However, without proof of vaccination,
wearing face coverings is still required. Additionally, per California
Department of Public Health, face-coverings are still required in
healthcare and childcare settings which include Student Health Services,
UCR Health Clinics, and Early Childhood Services.

The policy was developed to ensure health and safety at the UC campuses.
Thank you for upholding our values by doing your part to keep our campus
community healthy and safe.


Kim A. Wilcox,
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