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if you are available would be great to attend
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> Hello everybody,
> The trivia with grad students is open to all grad students and we would like to have as high a turnout as possible. There will be prizes for the winners and we are trying to arrange that time in a manner that maximizes the interactions between prospect students and grad students. The grad student committee is organizing this event and I am supervising the organization, they have already prepared a poster to announce it (see the current draft attached) and had a meeting among them to discuss about the organization. To increase the turnout I would like to ask you to encourage the grad students in your group to participate in this event. If they are coming please have them rsvp on this link: https://forms.gle/M3fk1FAESRmwC7z97 <https://forms.gle/M3fk1FAESRmwC7z97> 
> Thank you,
> Ana
>> On Feb 23, 2021, at 9:44 AM, Ryan Julian <ryan.julian at ucr.edu <mailto:ryan.julian at ucr.edu>> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Here is our schedule for the recruiting weekend on Saturday, Mar 6th.
>> 1pm-2:30 Poster Session on Gathertown
>> 2:30-3:00 break (also time to check facility videos)
>> 3pm-4:30 Zoom interviews (in 20 min chunks+10 min extra)
>> 4:30-5:30 trivia with grad students
>> --the poster session will be for faculty/visitors/current students as described by Tim in previous email
>> --the trivia is for graduate students ONLY
>> --the zoom meetings will serve as individual faculty meetings with graduate students. I will arrange the schedule. The meetings will be 20 minutes and include 1-2 visiting students who requested to speak with you.
>> If you will be able to meet with students during that time, please send me one zoom meeting link as soon as possible. We will provide the links to the students for their specific meetings rather than a master list to avoid too much 'freelancing' into random meetings, though I expect some of that may happen.
>> We can go over this in the faculty meeting today, for now,
>> please send me your zoom link.
>> thanks,
>> ryan

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