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Mon Sep 28 11:23:14 PDT 2020

Hi All,
Please upload your class and teaching schedules to the shared Google Calendar ASAP, at the latest by this Wednesday. This will allow me to figure out what day/time works for everyone for mini meetings and group meetings once the quarter starts. 

For mini meetings, I want to note that I expect you to put your progress from the past two weeks when we meet over Zoom. In other words, if there is data you would like to show me during your off-week, please also include it for the next week so that we don't have to switch between documents when discussing your project. I'll also take this opportunity to note that you don't have to show me a whole ton of data during your off-week. My expectations for off-week notes are just to see your thought process for what you had done during the past week, and what your plans are going forward. If you'd like to show me some super cool data I'd of course love to see it, but it's not my expectation.


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