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Timothy Su timothys at ucr.edu
Mon Dec 14 09:31:21 PST 2020

Hi All,
Here is the finalized schedule for next quarter's student talks. To our second years, use this as an opportunity to research areas that you would like to do your outside proposal on. Your outside proposal can be related to what we've done in our lab, but should not overlap with what we might do (polysilanes, silicon clusters, molecular electronics, cofacial aromatics, ExM, fluorogenic probes). I would recommend that your proposal have a strong synthetic component. In other words, I would not choose anything that is too engineering/physics/bio-related. It needs to be grounded in synthetic chemistry.

 For the second year talks, you should aim to have them run for 17 minutes with 3 minutes for questions. The expectation for third year talks is ~20 min talk with 5 mins for questions. 

Good luck, and talk to each other to bounce ideas off each other. You can bounce ideas off me as well, but I can only give you limited feedback on this assignment..


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