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Timothy Su timothys at
Tue Dec 1 10:26:52 PST 2020

Hi All,
This year, instead of doing a White Elephant gift exchange, let's do a Secret Santa one. The way this will work is that each person will be assigned to buy a gift for someone else in the lab. Then, we will have a Zoom holiday party after exams are over, where we can open our gifts, play Among Us, etc. You can use the Contact Info sheet to ship something directly to the recipient's house, or leave your gift on their desk for the recipient to take home. The gift maximum is $20 - don't buy anything more expensive than that.

I'm assuming grad students are in. Undergrads, if you'd like to participate, please let me know by Thursday!


Timothy A. Su
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of California, Riverside
Phone: 951.827.1778
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