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Cynthia J Wells cynthia.wells at ucr.edu
Tue Aug 21 13:15:11 PDT 2012

Dear Campus Community,

Research and Economic Development, Accounting, and Computing & Communications are pleased to announce a major enhancement to the PreAward process with the implementation of an On-Line PreAward Request System.  This most recent initiative allows campus departments to route PreAward requests and approvals utilizing a system similar to the Electronic Campus Approval Form (eCAF) utilized for the routing of proposals.  Since the On-Line PreAward Request System is based upon existing eCAF roles established within the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS), eCAF users will automatically have access to the PreAward application by clicking "PreAward Request System" from the Authorized Applications section in R'Space.  The PreAward Request will be routed through the department for necessary approvals and then submitted to Research and Economic Development for final approval and processing.

A "PreAward" is a time-limited campus authorization to incur contract/grant expenditures prior to the actual receipt of the official award document.  PreAward requests must include the FAU that will be charged should the funding not be received or should the PreAward period not coincide with the actual project period.  In coordination with the release of the On-Line PreAward Request System, the UCR Policies and Procedures, Campus Policy Number 550-80, has been updated.  The policy outlines the circumstances, criteria, and procedures for requesting PreAward expenditure authorization.

PreAwards are processed in the same way as awards are processed within PAMIS.  Upon final approval of the PreAward request, the PreAward allows for the immediate establishment of a fund number and budget.  The new On-Line PreAward Request System will improve contract and grant administration by eliminating the routing of a 'paper' PreAward approval request, reducing cost transfers, and allowing for proper tracking of PreAward expenditures.  The electronic PreAward process includes all of the on-line PAMIS tools, such as automatic e-mail notifications, scanned documents, award status grids, and search capabilities.

The On-Line PreAward Request System is now in full production.

Please visit the PreAward website at:  http://cnc.ucr.edu/preaward/ for an overview of the On-Line PreAward Request System.  For further PreAward guidance, please visit Sponsored Programs Administration website at http://or.ucr.edu/spa/lifecycle/pre-award-administration.aspx<at%20http:/or.ucr.edu/spa/lifecycle/pre-award-administration.aspx>.  Should you have further questions regarding PreAwards, please contact Cynthia Wells in Research and Economic Development at cwells at ucr.edu<mailto:cwells at ucr.edu>.


Cynthia J. Wells
Director, Sponsored Programs Administration

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