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Dear Colleagues,

The campus has recently experienced an incident that involved the Federal
Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that brought home the need for Principal
Investigators and certain campus administrative offices to be much more
familiar with Export Control regulations.  These regulations are used by the
federal government to control the dissemination of United States technology
and technical data outside of the United States borders and within the
borders to "foreign persons."  The regulations are complex and difficult to
understand, yet the consequences for investigators at US universities not
complying have proven very serious resulting in significant penalties to
both institutions and individual investigators.

Immediately, the UCR Office of Research has engaged the assistance of Don
Fischer, a consultant hired by UCOP to assist campuses with Export Control
training and management.  Mr. Fischer will be coming to UCR on March 3, and
4, 2011 when he will present seminars on Export Control Regulations.   Due
to the recent changes in the processing of H1B Visa applicants, it is highly
recommended that all college and unit staffs managing sponsored funding
and/or postdoc visa assistance attend one of these sessions.

Attached is the information to register for the seminar.  Please disseminate
this email and flyer to faculty and staff in your department.

Best regards,


Charles Greer


Charles E. Greer, Jr.

Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Research/CFAO


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