[Office-of-research] Rescinded - Guidance for Budgeting Administrative Support Expenses in Proposals for ARRA Awards

Bruce Morgan bruce.morgan at ucr.edu
Fri May 22 17:35:43 PDT 2009

Please broadly disseminate this information to Principal Investigators and
those individuals involved in the development of extramural proposal




On April 29, the Vice Chancellor for Research issued guidance for budgeting
administrative support expenses in proposals for ARRA awards.  This guidance
was issued in anticipation that the federal Office of Management and Budget
will approve these expenses as direct costs on ARRA awards.


The Office of Management and Budget recently determined that ARRA
requirements do not provide sufficient justification to support the
provision of direct costs for administrative support in addition to the
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs in the awarded budget.
Consequently, the Office of Research is rescinding the April 29 guidance.
Administrative support expenses should not be budgeted in ARRA proposals or
charged to ARRA awards unless the scope of activities and size of the
proposed project qualify under the Major Project exception contained in OMB
Circular A-21, F.6.b.(2).


If you have any questions or require any additional information please
contact the Contract and Grant Officer
<http://or.ucr.edu/home/Staff.aspx?t=3>  assigned to your unit.


Bruce Morgan

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research

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