[Office-of-research] Proposal management meeting: Grants vs. contracts

Mitch Boretz mitch at engr.ucr.edu
Fri Feb 6 09:09:01 PST 2009

The Southern California Chapter of the Association of Proposal
Management Professionals (APMP) invites you to a meeting beginning at 6
p.m. Thursday, February 19, for two round-table discussions: cold-start
proposals and the differences between contract and grant proposals.
(Most APMP members are contracts people, not grants people, and they
have some amusing ideas about the differences.) The meeting is free to
members and guests, and you all can be guests.


APMP-Socal meetings are webcasts, with groups of participants logging in
and dialing in from several venues around Southern California. APMP's
Phoenix chapter will join us in this meeting as well. The nearest venue
to us is ESRI in Redlands, about 10 miles from campus. However, if
enough UCR people are interested, we could establish a site here. 


Discussion topics will include:

For "The Cold Start" 

*	How do you convince the team there is actually a proposal being
*	Where do you find the team? 
*	How do you get resources to ramp up? 
*	How do you move from "cold" to "tepid"? 


For "Is Grant Writing Really Different?" 

*	Why does anyone think it is not? 
*	Are the pressures the same? 
*	Is the structure the same? 
*	Can one get paid to write grants? 
*	Are there regulations to grant writing? 


More information is available on our web site, www.socal-apmp.org. RSVPs
are required because of building security requirements at some of the
venues. Send your RSVP to james.costell at ngc.com, and he will send you
back directions to the venue. (When you RSVP, a cc to mitch at engr.ucr.edu
would be a good idea.) We will decide next week whether there is a large
enough group to create a Riverside site for the meeting.




* * * * * 
Mitch Boretz 
Bourns College of Engineering, UC Riverside 
mitch at engr.ucr.edu 


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