[Office-of-research] Guidance for Research Projects Operating Abroad - Insurance and Liability

Bruce Morgan bruce.morgan at ucr.edu
Mon Dec 15 14:30:57 PST 2008

The Office of Risk Services at UCOP recently disseminated guidance related
to insurance and liability issues for research projects being operated
abroad.  This guidance is useful at the proposal stage (e.g., helping to
indentify insurance expenses that should be proposed in the project budget),
as well as after an award has been received and the project is preparing to
start operations abroad.  Consequently, this 

guidance can be accessed from the OR website by clicking the Sponsored
Programs tab and then either:


.       Selecting Post-Award Administration from the side bar, and then
selecting Research
px>  Projects Operating Aboard from the expanded side bar, or


.       Selecting Proposal Submission/Preparation from the side bar, then
selecting Preparing Proposal Budgets from the expanded side bar select, then
selecting the hyperlink for Insurance
px>  and Liability.


Please take a few minutes to review this information and please pass it
along to anyone in your unit who is involved in the conduct and/or
administration of research projects being operated abroad. 


Bruce Morgan

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research

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