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The Office of Research is offering an exciting new program to enhance the
career skills and knowledge of our junior faculty and postdoctoral fellows
entitled "Survival And Leadership Skills in Academe" or SALSA.


During the 2008-09 Academic year we plan to offer six sessions in this
program. The first is next week and will be at 5pm on Wednesday October 8th,
2008 in Entomology 161 and is entitled "Ten Habits of Highly Successful
Faculty" that will be lead by Dr. Linda Walling, Divisional Dean for Life
Sciences in CNAS & Professor of Botany & Plant Sciences, and Dr. Yolanda
Moses, Associate Vice Chancellor & Professor of Anthropology.  Light supper
refreshments will be served at all workshops that will be held in the fall
and winter quarters as detailed on the attached flyer. 


I would very much appreciate if you could please bring this announcement to
the attention of your department chairs and also encourage your junior
faculty and postdoctoral fellows to attend this first session on Wednesday
October 8th, 2008 in Entomology 161 by confirming immediately to Diane
Martin at diane.martin at ucr.edu or by telephone at 951-827-2465. 


Thank you,



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