[Office-of-research] Presentation April 17 on effective proposal writing

Mitch Boretz mitch at engr.ucr.edu
Wed Mar 19 17:17:56 PDT 2008

Dear UCR colleagues: The Southern California chapter of the Association of
Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) will present a talk by Dr. Tom
Sant, an APMP Fellow and author of books including Persuasive Business
Proposals and The Language of Success, on Thursday evening, April 17. The
meeting is free to members (me) and guests (you), and we usually serve pizza
on elegant paper plates. I have heard Tom speak a couple of times, and I am
a big fan of his books. I am sure that it will be a well-spent hour or two.
Information on Tom Sant and his talk is available on our web site,
www.socal-apmp.org (click on the Calendar link). We present our meetings as
webcasts with multiple venues around Southern California. The closest
regular venue to Riverside is at ESRI in Redlands. However, if we have a lot
of UCR people interested in this talk, I can see about getting a venue on
campus or at CE-CERT (where parking is free). We will figure that out within
a couple of weeks.
If you can't get enough of this proposal stuff, I should also point out that
APMP's international conference this year will be right here in Riverside
County -- Rancho Mirage, May 27-30. You can find information about that on
our web site, too. 
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Mitch Boretz
Bourns College of Engineering
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mitch at engr.ucr.edu
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