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Bruce Morgan bruce.morgan at ucr.edu
Thu Jan 10 16:33:18 PST 2008

NIH recently issued a series of announcements related to proposal
submission, paper proposal forms, and other forms related to award
management.  The announcements and a brief summary appear below:


*	NIH Policy on Late Submission of Grant Applications (NOT-OD-08-027)
National Institutes of Health


This announcement reiterates NIH's long standing policy on late submission
of grant applications, including its expectation that grant applications be
submitted on time.  It also describes the "window of consideration" that is
available if unforeseen events prevent the timely submission of a proposal.


*	Revised PHS 398 (DHHS Public Health Service Grant Application) Now
Available (NOT-OD-08-028)
National Institutes of Health


The Public Health Service, which includes the NIH, has released a new
version of the PHS 398 paper application form.  Funding mechanisms that
still require paper proposal submission include research training grants,
career development awards, changes of grantee institution and complex
mechanisms (i.e., cooperative agreements, center awards and program project
grants).  The new form will be accepted immediately and must be used for all
submission on or after May 25, 2008.


.        Appendices to Paper PHS 398 (DHHS Public Health Service Grant
Application) to be Submitted on CD (NOT-OD-08-031)
National Institutes of Health


For PHS 398 paper applications, appendices may now be submitted on CD.  On
May 25, 2008, appendices may only be submitted on CD.  NIH encourages the
use of a summary listing the items in the appendices and recommends that
this be the first file on the CD.


.        Revised PHS 2590 (DHHS Public Health Service Noncompeting
Continuation Progress Report) Now Available (NOT-OD-08-030)
National Institutes of Health


PHS has released a new version of the paper PHS 2590, which will be accepted
immediately and is required to be used for all progress reports submitted on
or after March 1, 2008.  Please note that this requirement applies only to
those awards that require the submission of a paper PHS 2590.  All other
awards should use the eSNAP function in the NIH eRA Commons.


*	Revised PHS 2271, PHS 3734, and HHS 568 Forms Now Available
National Institutes of Health


These forms are used for appointing trainees to training grants,
relinquishing awards and reporting inventions and may be used immediately.


Bruce Morgan

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research


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