[Office-of-research] UC Discovery Grant Information Sessions

Bruce Morgan bruce.morgan at ucr.edu
Wed Sep 12 09:42:22 PDT 2007

The UC Discovery Grant Program recently sent out an invitation to join them
in a series of upcoming teleconferences.  If you or others in your unit wish
to participate in these, please RSVP to UC Discovery at
proposalinfo at ucdiscoverygrant.org by September 14 with the name of the
sessions and times that you will be participating.  UC Discovery will
provide you with session materials and dial-in information.  Any questions
that you would like to submit in advance should be emailed to
proposalinfo at ucdiscoverygrant.org.


I apologize for the short notice regarding these teleconferences, but UC
Discovery did not disseminate their invitation until this week.


Following is list of the teleconference topics and the times that they will
be offered:

Budget Assistance Teleconference
We will walk you through the steps in preparing the online proposal budget
and using the budget estimator in order to maximize your award. 

Sept 21, 2007 Friday 11-noon
Sept 25, 2007 Tuesday 2-3pm

Submission Process Teleconference
We will provide an overview of the different stages in the proposal
submission process and give you a quick system tour.

Sept 18, 2007 Tuesday 11-noon
Sept 28, 2007 Friday 2-3pm

Sponsor Eligibility Teleconference
We will discuss sponsor eligibility criteria and answer your sponsor-related

Sept 20, 2007 Thursday 11-noon
Sept 24, 2007 Monday 2-3pm

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