[Office-of-research] Most Federal Agencies to be Funded at FY 2006 Levels

Bruce Morgan bruce.morgan at ucr.edu
Fri Dec 15 15:38:52 PST 2006

The incoming chairs of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees
announced this past Monday that they plan to enact a continuing resolution
(CR) for the duration of FY07.  The current CR runs through Feb. 15, 2007.


Only two FY07 spending bills have been signed into law: Defense and Homeland
Security. The proposed extension of the current CR will fund programs at
their FY 2006 levels or the FY 2007 level proposed by the House or Senate,
whichever is lowest.  Limited adjustments in the CR might be made to address
important policy priorities, but no priorities have been set as yet.
Because of strong bipartisan support, there is hope that the American
Competitiveness Initiative legislation, which included among other things
significant increases in funding for NSF and the Department of Energy Office
of Science, might be one of the "limited adjustments" that Congress would
carve out of the CR.

In a related announcement today, the National Institutes of Health released
a Notice explaining that it is striving to minimize the potential damage
that could result from the combination of no budget increases in recent
years, operating under a CR for 2007, the commitments to existing
investigators and research projects, and the growing number of new grant
applications.  As stated in the Notice, inflationary adjustments for
existing non-competing renewal awards will not be made in FY2007.
Non-competing awards that were expected to include an inflationary increase
in FY 2007, including modular grants will not receive any inflationary


For more information regarding the proposed extension of the CR and the NIH
fiscal policy for FY 2007 awards, please see the News <http://or.ucr.edu/>
section of the OR Website.



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