[Office-of-research] New Average Post-Doctoral Fringe Benefit Rate for Use in Proposal Budgets Effective July 1, 2006 and Beyond (6/19/2006)

Bruce Morgan bruce.morgan at ucr.edu
Mon Jun 19 08:20:13 PDT 2006

The following announcement has also been posted to the News section of the
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Recently, the Office of Academic Planning and Budget (APB) reviewed actual
fiscal year 2005-06 post-doctoral researcher benefit costs across all
funding sources.  As a result of this review, APB has determined that the
average benefit rate of this group is now approximately 32%.  Effective July
1, 2006, this average rate should be used for the purpose of budgeting
fringe benefits for post-doctoral positions in extramural proposals when the
actual employee is not known at the time of proposal submission.

Please note that the federal costing principles and regulations with which
UCR must comply require consistency in the application of this rate.
Therefore, proposal budgets that use a rate other than 32% for to-be-named
post-docs will need to be corrected prior to OR approval and proposal

Please continue to use actual benefit rates when budgeting fringe benefit
costs for post-docs who are known at the time of proposal. 

If you have any questions regarding budgeting for to-be-named post-doc
positions in extramural proposals, please contact the Contract and Grant
Officer <http://or.ucr.edu/home/Staff.aspx?t=3>  assigned to your unit.


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