[Office-of-research] Addition of PI/Co-PI Assurance and Certification on Campus Approval Form

Bruce Morgan bruce.a.morgan at cox.net
Sun May 7 20:37:33 PDT 2006

The Office of Research (OR) has added a Principal Investigator/Co-Principal
Investigator assurance and certification to the Campus Approval Form (CAF).
This certification and assurance will promote UCR's compliance with federal
regulations and sponsor policies, including one of several new institutional
compliance requirements issued by the National Institutes of Health.


Please note that effective May 10, 2006, the OR will only accept CAFs and
Marketing Order CAFs that contain the new PI/Co-PI assurance and
certification.  The CAF is available via the OR Web Portal at
http://or.ucr.edu/appSP/Login.asp, and the Marketing Order CAF is available
via the OR Website at
http://or.ucr.edu/home/Forms/Coeus/Marketing_Board_Fillable.pdf.  It is also
important to note that Federal policies require that PI and Co-PI signatures
be dated.  As a result, CAFs that are submitted to the OR with signatures
but no dates may delay the submission of the proposal to the sponsor.


Please direct any questions to the Contract and Grant Officer assigned to
your unit.  A listing is available on the OR Website at http://or.ucr.edu
<http://or.ucr.edu/> . 





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