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Fri Sep 30 13:16:42 PDT 2005

With the start of the academic year upon us, and the change of seasons just
around the corner, it is somewhat apropos that I write to you about changes
and new beginnings with the Office of Research (OR).  I have also included
below a news item regarding the Contract and Grant Users Group that may be
of interest to all of you.



Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research - As many of you know, I started as
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research in June of this year.  Since my
arrival, I have had an opportunity to meet many of you, and I am deeply
appreciative of the warm welcome and friendly assistance that I have
received.  For those whom I have not yet met, allow me to introduce myself.


I come to UCR as a UC employee of more than twenty-one years.  I have had
the pleasure of working at two other UC campuses where I enjoyed the beauty
of each campus and valued the diversity that each contributes to the UC
system.  I began my career in research administration at UCLA where I served
as the Fiscal Officer for the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care
Medicine, Department of Medicine.  Four years later, I joined the Office of
Research Administration at UCI, where I was the Director of Sponsored
Projects, Office of Research Administration for twelve of my fourteen years.
I am a member of the National Council of University Research Administrators,
which has provided me with the opportunity to make presentations at regional
and national conferences on a number of topics including, electronic
research administration systems, subcontracting, university/industry
relations, negotiating research contracts, cost sharing, joint issues
involving research administration and technology transfer activities,
confidentiality issues in research administration, and the impact of federal
regulations on the daily activities of university administrators.  


Research administration is just one of my passions.  My others include
surfing, open-water swimming, Bruin Football and, of course, my family.


I hope to see all of you at the next Contract and Grant Users Group meeting
(see below for date and time).



Changes in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) - Over the summer, there
have been some changes in the Office of Research, Sponsored Programs
Administration unit.  These changes are summarized below:


*	Title Changes - The titles of many positions have changed to better
reflect each position's responsibilities and delegated authority.  The new
titles are Assistant Contract and Grant Officer, Contract and Grant Officer,
Senior Contract and Grant Officer and Principal Contract and Grant Officer.
The information on our web site will be changed in the near future to
reflect these new titles.


*	Organization Changes - The organizational structure of SPA has
changed.  At the beginning the beginning of the summer, SPA was a flat
organization, with no clear professional development or career path.  As we
begin the new academic year, SPA's organizational structure has changed so
that the Contract and Grant Officers have been grouped into two teams, each
lead by a Principal Contract and Grant Officer.  While each Officer will
continue to have departments and research units assigned to them, the
grouping promotes increased team interactions and provides for greater
consistency in the delivery of SPA services if an Officer is out of the


*	Departmental Assignment Changes - While it is our goal to try to
minimize the number of changes in departmental assignments, changes are
unavoidable and we apologize for any inconvenience that they may cause our
customers.  The following changes in departmental assignments results from
the need to balance workload and take effect on October 3:


Department                                         C & G Officer

Air Pollution Research Center             Mayela Castillo

Environmental Sciences                     Mayela Castillo

Earth Sciences                                    Mayela Castillo

IGPP                                                   Mayela Castillo

Biomedicine                                        Sylvia Campos

Biology                                                Sylvia Campos

Cell Biology/Neuro Science                Sylvia Campos

Physics                                                Cynthia Parish

Chemistry                                            Tim Lefort

All Marketing Board Orders                 Sylvia Campos



Office of Research - As many of you know, the office formerly known as
"Office of Research Affairs" has officially changed its name to "Office of
Research".  Please remember to use the new name in all proposals and
correspondence.  We are currently creating a new website that does not use
our old name and provides our customers with important information regarding
the OR and research administration issues in an easy to navigate format.  We
are also engaged in other efforts to ensure the proper identification of our
office, including changing signs, stationary and the like.  If you encounter
our old name in use anywhere, we would appreciate hearing from you.  "Office
of Research Affairs" sightings may be reported to Gloria Gallego at x25535
or at Gloria.Gallego at ucr.edu.



Contract and Grant Users Group - The Contract and Grant Users Group will be
meeting on October 11 in Bourns A-171 from 1:30 - 3:30.  If you would like
to suggest a topic for discussion at the meeting, please forward your agenda
items to Sharon Shanahan (Sharon.Shanahan at ucr.edu or x27974).  Future
meetings will be held from 1:30 - 3:30 in Bourns B-265 on the following


November 8

December 13

January 10

February 14

March 14

April 11

May 9





Bruce A. Morgan

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research

Office of Research


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