[Office-of-research] Office of Research Portal Update

Stan Fletcher stan.fletcher at ucr.edu
Fri Jul 1 16:22:38 PDT 2005

Greetings Office of Research Listserv Members.
Some of you may be aware that the Office of Research has developed some
reports that you may run against our Coeus database of proposal and awards.
I would like to pass on some changes and enhancements to this application.
New Link
The OR reports, inquiries, and electronic forms have been consolidated into
an OR web portal.  The URL for this application is:
<http://or.ucr.edu/OrPortal/> http://or.ucr.edu/OrPortal/.  There is a link
to the portal on our home page now (http://ora.ucr.edu).
Access to Proposal Data
You can now run reports that access proposal data (including running Current
and Pending Support reports for your PIs), if you get approval from your
SAA.  Please inform your SAA to log into the portal site and click on the
SAA tab.  He/she should be able to find your name and move you to the list
of authorized users.  If your SAA has any questions or comments please let
me know.  
Please pass on your comments, suggestions, or any problems you encounter.
Suggestions for new reports are welcomed.

Stan Fletcher
Office of Research Affairs
UC, Riverside
stan.fletcher at ucr.edu

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