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The message below is sent on behalf of the UCR Student Run Health Clinic.  Please refer questions to Talab Ibrahim tibra003 at ucr.edu<mailto:tibra003 at ucr.edu>

Dear Students,

Student-Run Health Clinic (SRHC) is now recruiting undergraduate volunteers for the 2012-2013 academic school year.  SRHC is a free health clinic, affiliated with the UCR School of Medicine, that offers free basic healthcare to the underserved Riverside community.

Volunteering at SRHC has a whole range of benefits including:
*  The opportunity to work alongside local physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists.
*  Getting firsthand exposure to a healthcare setting.
*  Making an impact on the health of our patients.
Volunteer Requirements:
*  Must be a UCR student, 2nd year or above. (UCR alumni are also welcome to apply.)
*  Must be able to attend a minimum of 2 clinics per quarter, clinics are held every other Wednesday evening (5PM - 10PM)
For more information about the services that the clinic offers and the role of undergraduate volunteers, visit our website: riversideSRHC.com<http://riversidesrhc.com/>

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Talab Ibrahim
Undergraduate President
Student Run Health Clinic

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