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This message is sent on behalf of the UC Riverside Future Dentist Club.  Please direct questions to Mira Khodor at 760.473.7702 or mkhod001 at ucr.edu

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Vinmar Solutions 1 Day Pre-Dental Courses Hosted by the UC Riverside Future Dentist Club Members
"Vinmar Solutions, Putting Eyes and Hands to Work"

UC Riverside Future Dentist Club 1 Day Hands-on Courses

July 6, 2012 Friday : Quadrant Denture Course in HUB 379
July 28, 2012 Saturday: Complete Denture Course in HUB 265

I am looking forward to meeting you on Friday July 6, 2012 at the UC Riverside campus from 8 AM to 7 PM. This course is going to be fun and rewarding. Learning tooth anatomy is one of the most challenging projects in dental school.  This course will put you to the test on manual dexterity, endurance, timing techniques, arrangemnt of teeth, symmetrical of mandibular and maxillary arches, hand instrument techniques and more.  The seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. And there are 15 seats available. And for those who signed up please let your members know, that the deadline to register for the Tooth Waxing Course will be July 5, 2012. Room location HUB 265, please contact Mira Khodor (760) 473-7702<tel:%28760%29%20473-7702> or email: mkhod001 at ucr.edu<mailto:mkhod001 at ucr.edu>  Non-members are welcomed.
Each Course will cost $195.00.To<http://195.00.To> register go to our website at,
You will be happy you did.


Mark Hunt Sr., CDT/Instructor
Vinmar Solutions, Inc.
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