[Health Prof Adv Center] Paid Experience in the ER for Students Interested in a Healthcare Career

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CEP America Scribe Program
For additional information about the program, please visit www.cep.com/Scribe<http://www.cep.com/Scribe>

Students - If you're looking for a chance to gain experience in the medical field and get ahead of your class, this opportunity is for you!

CEP America Scribe Program has a fantastic opportunity available at Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar, California for students interested in a career in healthcare- specifically those with intention of attending medical, physician assistant, or nursing school.

Through this paid part-time opportunity, students will:
* Get firsthand exposure to a clinical setting
* Work side by side with physicians and nurses
* Become proficient in medical terminology
* Gain outstanding networking connections in the medical field

This is great resume building! To learn more about the Scribe Program, click here.

Scribes work closely with providers to supply real time charting and a variety of clerical tasks that include retrieving medical records, documenting the results of diagnostic tests, and preparing discharge instructions.

To give some background, CEP America is the largest truly democratic emergency physician partnership in the nation. The CEP America Scribe Program provides scribe services to over 25 Emergency Departments and employs over 300 scribes, as it continues to expand. For additional information about the program, please visit www.cep.com/Scribe<http://www.cep.com/Scribe>.

To apply, please send your resume to scribes at cep.com<mailto:scribes at cep.com> with "Inland Valley Medical Center" in the subject line.

If you're not currently seeking experience in the medical field, please forward this email to anyone who may be interested in this unique opportunity.

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