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IF YOU WANT TO BE A PHYSICIAN then you should attend the Information session
about the DO Profession (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)

Tomorrow - WEDNESDAY (Feb 23) at 5pm in Pierce Hall 1305.  RSVP here
<http://mhcp.ucr.edu/health-careers-rsvp-instructions.html> .


Most people think about the MD degree as the path for a medical degree but
there is also another path, the DO degree.  

What is Osteopathic Medicine? Read more here
<http://www.aacom.org/about/osteomed/pages/default.aspx> .


Osteopathic medicine emphasizes a strong holistic philosophy and practice
osteopathic manipulative medicine
The focus is to promote the body's own self-healing mechanism and utilize
hands-on diagnosis and treatment, especially of the musculoskeletal system
rather than relying on medications as the primary cure.


Did you know that...

DO physicians can specialize in various fields as much as an MD can and
perform surgery also?


DO physicians complete residency training and practice in the same
environments as MD physicians?

To obtain a license to practice medicine in the U.S, DO physicians are
eligible to take both the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) or
the COMPLEX (Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Exam)? While MD
physicians are only eligible to sit for the USMLE. 

The path to medical school and other professional training is very similar
for a DO program as an MD program.  On average, the academic qualifications
for DO medical schools are only slightly lower than for MD programs.



ALBERT T. CHEVEZ, Ed.M., Director


College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences - Pierce Hall 1106

951-827-7968 tel.   951-827-4510 fax

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