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Dear Students,


The following message is an invitation to apply for opportunities to
volunteer with the Student Run Health Clinic.  Attached are the



The Student Run Health Clinic is accepting applications for the 2010 - 2011
school year. We are non-profit student run health clinic that provides basic
medical care for the indigent and uninsured in Riverside. We meet two
Wednesday's of each month in downtown riverside at the First Congregational
Church. The clinic is run by UCR/UCLA Thomas Haider Medical students and
undergraduate students like you. 


If you are not yet a volunteer at the Student Run Health Clinic and would
like to get involved please turn in your application and referral letter no
later than October 4th.


I look forward to reading your applications and welcoming in some new
volunteers to the clinic. 



Erica Tate
President, Student Run Health Clinic
MS1 - UCR/UCLA Thomas Haider Program



ALBERT T. CHEVEZ, Ed.M., Director


College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Pierce Hall 1106


951-827-4510 fax




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