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We still have a few spaces available on our September 11-24
<http://www.islonline.org/well-child-international/> Well Child
International team to Costa Rica & Nicaragua!  This opportunity is open to
all women who are, or are interested in becoming health professionals. 

Well Child International is our newest program, dedicated to providing
OB/GYN and pediatric care to women and children in underserved communities.
Please consider joining in our efforts. Through education and sustainable
aid, we can make a difference!       

Receive a discount on your trip by recruiting others to join you in this
life-changing experience. Contact Diannah at ISLonline.org for more
information.  Additional financial aid is available through our
rship_program.html> GSM Financial Sponsorship Program.  

Thanks to our students helping us staff these teams, we estimate we'll be
serving approximately 35,000 of the underserved with varying levels of
health care-thanks for the partnership!

More info at www.ISLonline.org
<file:///C:\Users\Diannah\Downloads\www.ISLonline.org> .


ISL sends medical/dent/opt/public health/PT/vet/pharmaceutical teams to
countries in Latin America, Central America, and Africa.  We include
pre-health students on our teams as a way of preparing the next generation
of international medical caregivers.  Students receive supervised hands-on
experience, health related seminars, and financial sponsorship.

Listings of university, professional, and student references available upon
request.  Over a 15 year period we've fielded over 500 hundred teams and
annually provide health care for 15,000 of the underserved. 

Please consider placing the attached information on your list serve for
pre-health students and forwarding to any appropriate pre-health student
organizations.  For professional/program references and information, please
contact Pepper Tucker at Info at ISLonline.org or 816-767-0481.  



Michael Birnbaum, Executive Director

International Service Learning

Members of Texas Association of Advisors for the Health Professions

National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions

Global Health Education Consortium

American Public Health Association 

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