[med-health-careers] IMPORTANT INFO - Web site to release MCAT scores

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Tue Sep 16 14:09:04 PDT 2008

Dear Students,

We have just received the following IMPORTANT information from 
Michelle Sparacino, Director, MCAT Administration and Scoring:

"MCAT staff have recently learned of a Web site that is a mock of the MCAT
Testing History (THx) system at <http://mcatthx.org/>http://mcatthx.org.

We are tracking down the origin of this site and will have it taken down as
quickly as possible.  We have no reason to be alarmed about it at
this time, but we decided it prudent to do what we can to ensure that
examinees do not enter any personal information on that site, including
their AAMC user names and passwords."

Make sure you are on the MCAT/AAMC web pages before attempting to 
access your scores or any other information on the AAMC system, 
including AMCAS.  The correct and only URL for  MCAT THx is 
MHCP would appreciate your assistance, too, in letting other students 
know about this fraudulent site.

MHCP Staff

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